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Good umbrella insurance is a must-have for some people in particular. It is a type of coverage that provides big (extra) liability protection. Commonly it is utilized to protect a policyholder from potential lawsuits and the huge claims that are often awarded as a result. Having this supreme protection can help to protect you, (your assets), and your family’s financial future.


How does it help?


Umbrella insurance provides an extra added layer of coverage that exceeds the limits of traditional coverage, be it for your home, your car, your boat and more. It can also protect you from any claims that might be made against you, like libel or slander, false arrest or even from legal action that you as a landlord might be faced with from renters you have. It is engineered to come to life when the liability allocations on your existing traditional insurance policies have been exhausted.


Who benefits?


Umbrella insurance can be a financial life-saver for those who own property that is rented out to tenants. It safeguards the landlord from many detrimental actions, like claims for slips and falls, dog bites or from the consequences of an individual being injured while visiting a rental property unit. Those involved in an auto crash or some other type of event in which property sustains damage can also greatly benefit too. A policyholder who might be held liable for an injury to another due to an accident or some other scenario, such as, again, a dog attack, is also protected with this coverage.


How it works


The type of policy is engineered to come into effect as an extra added layer of protective coverage when one’s normal insurance limits have been exhausted. In other words, it is yet another way for a policyholder to be properly protected from costly out-of-pocket cash outlays.


Choices for coverage generally are available in levels beginning at approximately S1 million. Keep in mind that there are also bigger limits made available for those who are more affluent and have greater assets. The big plus of this type of coverage is indeed this built-in asset protection, which leads to an invaluable sense of peace of mind for all who carry it. This is due to two things: Terrific coverage and a relatively low cost for it. If you are of more modest means like the vast majority, you can still benefit greatly, just with less coverage and a lower premium. No one should feel excluded.

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