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Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance Policies

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This type of insurance is engineered to protect a residential property from damages that can happen as a consequence of natural events or man-caused actions. The usual policy will cover all major structural components of the property like foundations, plumbing and electrical, doors, windows, roofs and more. In addition, any exterior construction like fences, gates or walkways can also come under the protection of this type of insurance plan.

What does it do?

Landlord insurance is specifically tailored for those who own residential properties that are rented to tenants. Unlike renters’ insurance, this coverage is engineered to protect the landlord’s interests. Be they apartments, condos, townhomes, or single-family homes, all can be safeguarded by landlord insurance.

How does it work?

Landlord insurance is similar to other polices in that monthly premium payments and deductibles are all part and parcel to maintain coverage protection. This all determines the final annual policy expenses for the rental property owner. Should some kind of a loss occur, a claim can be filed to receive payment in order to properly repair structural damage or any detached items like appliances, sheds and other valuable personal belongings that are landlord-owned but used by tenants.

How it protects

Landlord insurance is designed to help by providing financial protection against such perils as fire accidentally set or even caused by an arson. This insurance can be put into effect to fully rebuild a property that has completely gone up in flames or to just repair damaged aspects of the structure.

The most a policyholder can obtain with this coverage is directly related to the market value of the property at the time of the loss event. This type of coverage can also allow compensation for property damage resulting from weather-related events like severe storms and even tornadoes, hurricanes and snowstorms. With this policy protecting the landlord, vandalism and other purposeful acts of destruction are also covered.


A great benefit in purchasing proper landlord insurance coverage is the priceless peace of mind that comes in the knowing that your assets are protected. There is even coverage that provides compensation for lost income if you need to evict a tenant. If renters must be moved out of properties that are rendered uninhabitable due to disasters and accidents, the landlord has the ability to file a claim and receive payment that is equal to the sum that would have been collected from rent payments had the loss not occurred. Should one’s tenants damage a rental home or apartment, with this protection the landlord doesn't have to concern him or herself about out-of-pocket costs for repairs. Contact an insurance professional for more details.

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