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Most people are ignorant of this startling fact: Most home insurance policies will not cover damage from floods. Unfortunately, most will not realize this until they are facing the costs and the stress of dealing with water damage. Sometimes the ramifications of this can mean a long period of financial difficulty. With good flood insurance coverage though, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that your home and your personal belongings within it are all protected by this coverage, no matter what unexpected events may befall you in the future.

What it does

Even what might appear to be a minor flood event can cause outsized damage in a moment of time. Besides the damage to one’s possessions, the home can be rendered unlivable for weeks or even months until the issues are dealt with. This is why it is a smart idea for all homeowners to seek out an insurance agent to investigate the likelihood of flood in the area and how to mitigate their financial exposure to such damaging events. Homeowners who reside in a moderate-risk area or what is called an “SFHA” (or “special flood hazard area”) are well advised to always carry flood insurance. In these SFHAs, homeowners are often legally mandated to add flood coverage to their existing policies.

What does it cover?

These kinds of policies are normally segmented into two distinct aspects. The first component is what delivers coverage for the home structure itself. This will usually include wall damage, damage to the HVAC systems, plumbing and electrical, foundation, and the ceilings. The second part deals with providing flexible coverage to any personal belongings on the property. Homeowners can opt for practically any level of coverage for their personal possessions depending on exactly what lies within their homes and what they choose to cover.

What is deemed a flood?

Regarding this kind of coverage, floods are very specifically defined. Home water damage or area of property that are exposed to water will not always be covered within this type of policy. In general, the flood must cause damage to at least two acres of land or at least two structures on a piece of private property. The water must also originate from a specific location. This would include mudflows, an unusual abundance of water runoff, overflowing bodies of inland water, and tidal flooding.


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